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Dreams Come True Unicorn Booties

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The ultimate Queen of the Castle style for the ultimate Irregular Choice fan, these out-of-this-world Unicorn boots are certainly the most Unicorny thing in the galaxy!  Our Iconic Unicorn heel returns from a pastel dream, with a magical cloud-trimmed dream-castle upper trimmed with all the glitter, stars, rainbows and sparkling deliciousness you could ever want or need!


    • Character high heel boot

    • Fairytale castle upper

    • Zip fastening

    • Hidden Platform

    • Top opening aprx 28-30 cm

  • Ankle length (rise 11cm aprx from heel insole)

    Tired of a neutral and black shoe landscape and sensing the world was craving something different, Dan Sullivan created Irregular Choice. The London born designer grew up in the 70’s Covent Garden, Punk era. Taking inspiration from this creative subculture, Dan set out to create a completely original shoe line. Dan’s creativity has lead to ornate carved heels, intricate charms, lavish fabrics, out-side-the-box prints and unique color combinations.

    All shoes are in European sizes.

    Irregular Choice

    Original. Expressive. Fun! Every shoe tells a story. From embellished heels to ornate wood carvings. From tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics to mesmerising colour combinations. Everybody has an Irregular Choice favourite shoe or story.